Top4Men Profile

Ian aka Halfgod aka Top4Men, 30
Oritgas Center, Pasig City
Yahoo Messenger ID: buseojin
Skype: eman2man_ian
#bi-manila #bi-iloilo

I love genuine people who are willing to share genuine friendship with me. I hate fakes, pretenders and snakes. If you are one of those mentioned you better stay away or I will.

In a positive light, I can describe myself only as I know myself. I know what I want and I could be very persistent. I love arts: photography, drawing, painting, graphic design, fashion design and so much more. I love sports: soccer most of all. I play basketball and a little bit of martial arts and and gymnastics.

I love chatting and relating to people as much as I can. I like and love leaning from people. I am so into guys who make sense. I never treat other people rudely unless I am given a reason to do so. I am quiet, patient, watchful and suspicious.

I love food! I love sweets! I love chocolates! I love pasta. I love Japanese and Korean food. I love peanut butter and coffee flavored ice cream. I am a happy eater but I am very picky.

I am lazy writer but write. I am inspired by people who are big enough to take risks since I am not so much of s risk taker, I learn a lot from them. I love people who have the heart for others. I like it when people do not only focus on what they want and what they feel but also when they are genuinely concern of the people and things around them. I am the person who appreciate little acts of kindness and try to fulfill my own.

I am not very religious but I am a Christian and I am happy and complete being so.

I am a licensed nurse and I have worked in  OB wards, delivery rooms and psychiatric wards for years but I am a educator - artist - technical support representative at the moment.

I am into NGO medical missions and LGBTQ activism. I wanna do as much as I can and yes I am very active. I hate being bored and I hate doing nothing. 

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