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Ian aka Halfgod aka Top4Men, 30
Oritgas Center, Pasig City
Yahoo Messenger ID: buseojin
Skype: eman2man_ian
#bi-manila #bi-iloilo

I founded NO2H with the help of Alex Bantigue and Marco Paulo Naoe who are also active in LGBT rights activism. Since I love art and candid expressions I turned my work into a campaign. NO2H stands for NO to HATE - NO to HOMOPHOBIA because HOMOPHOBIA is HATE. There have been hundreds of campaigns and movements online standing up and fighting for the LGBT rights. And everyday I am inspired with the photos and stories that flood these websites and networking site pages. I have also come to realize that there are still many who are apathetic about these human rights issues. These are the people who do not know their rights or the people who deny themselves of the rights they deserve. We have done something for these issues; in fact we have done a lot, but now is the time to do more. Now is the time for us to stand for who and what we are. Now is the time to stand for what we believe in. In my own little way, I hope that I could make a statement to the people who would come across this tumblr page. LIVE and LOVE. Say NO2HATE; NO2HOMOPHOBIA.